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Blue Vein Cheeses

Cow's Milk Cheeses

Welshmans Reef

Made to a traditional Stilton cheese recipe with Friesian Holstein milk and cloth matured for two months.  A well veined cheese with a firm but creamy texture with with a full blue vein flavour. A cheese for the blue vein lover.

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A Shropshire style blue vein made with mik from Jersey cows and wrapped in cloth then matured for 2 months.  A firm texture with a creamy mouth feel, good blue flavour but without the peppery bit of a well veined blue.

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St Barbara

Named after the patron saint of gold miners, St Barbara is made with milk from Jersey cows.  The cheese is matured before being waxed.  The texture is firm with a creamy mouth feel.  The flavour intially tastes like a cheddar then the blue vein comes through in the after taste.  A great cheese for those who are just getting into blue vein.

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Ascot Blue

Made with milk from Friesian Holstein cows.  The cheese is matured for 2 months and is left with a natural rind. It has a semi-firm texture.  It has a medium strenght blue flavour .