Our Cheeses...Hard and Semi Hard Cheeses


Cow's Milk Cheeses

Lasseters's Reef

A blue vein without blue veins!!! We made it once by accident now we make it on purpose.  It has a firm texture but a creamy mouth feel.  It tastes unique a little gouda-ish, a little havarti-ish and a little feta-ish but not the same.


This is what happens when cheese makers like to experiment.  What would happen if we made a Spanish Manchego style cheese with cows milk?  Miners Delight is the answer.  A semi-hard cheese that melts well with a milky, sweet and nutty flavour.


Goat's Milk Cheeses


Gellibrand is a hard goat milk cheese that is aged for a minimum of three months in our blue vein room.  The texture is very firm. The flavour is nutty and very savoury with a hint of goat just at the end.  The flavour is reminiscent of parmesan.

We use vegetarian rennet in all our cheeses