Best methods for achieving the maximum results from your cheese
Cheeses are living things to maximize your enjoyment of the cheese they should be looked after purchase.

Cheese storage
Keep the cheeses within the special paper they come wrapped in to reduce drying out and to prevent the cheese sweating, becoming slimy and soggy. Cheeses are best kept in an airtight container, lined with an absorbent paper, to catch any moisture; and minimise the cheeses drying out. Cling film can be used over the outside of the wrapped cheese.

If the cheese is to be transferred to a different location before being eaten it should be kept cold, out of the direct sunlight and not under any object that will squash it. This will allow it to arrive in the best possible state ready to be eaten.

Cheese consumption
Goldfields Farmhouse cheeses are sold ripe and should be consumed within the time frame designated on the label. To get the best flavour and texture from your cheese remove only the amount of cheese that you intend to eat and allow the cheese to warm up to room temperature for about 45 - 60 minutes prior to eating.